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Media about us

The opening meeting of Reader’s Club in Zyrardowcity portal of  Żyrardów municipality (in Polish)

Transfer of literature for the Ternopilska Foundation from Luganskinformation portal CityNews (in Russian)

How are Ukrainian housemaids treated in Poland?Good Morning TVN, guest – Marija Jakubowycz, Founder of Ternopilska Foundation (interview in Polish)

Reader’s ClubNasze Slowo (interview in Polish)

Stabilizing your lifeNasz Slowo (in Polish)

Consultation points for Ukrainian migrants information portal of Mszczonów Municipality (in Polish), 17.03.2011r.

They will be helping each other – local information portal OZyrardow (in Polish), 17.03.2011r.

Reader’s Club “Tydzień Żyrardowa” weekly newspaper (in Polish), 15.03.2011r.

The inaguration of cyclic meetings“Głos Żyrardowa i okolicy” weekly newspaper (in Polish), 10.03.2011r.

They will help to accustom the things which seem foreign” Życie Żyrardowa” weekly newspaper (in Polish), 8.03.2011r.


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Information about Ternopilska Foundation:

The main objective of Ternopilska Foundation is the successful integration of migrants into the Polish society, while respecting their rights and culture, promoting standards and principles of functioning of a democratic society, and transfer of this knowledge to the Ukrainian realities. We will make every effort to build a positive image of Ukraine and its citizens in the international community.


96-300 Żyrardów

ul.Narutowicza 32 / 6

Tel / fax. + 48 (46) 854 80 15

KRS: 0000346835

REGON: 142205516

NIP: 838-18-26-243

Bank accounts of Ternopilska Foundation:

MultiBank for transfers in PLN: 53 1140 2017 0000 4002 1215 4185

MultiBank for transfers in EUR: 48 1140 2017 0000 4412 0092 3482