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About Us

Ternopilska Foundation – is one of the first non-governmental organizations in Poland founded by a migrant from Ukraine. Marija Jakubowycz established this organization in December 2009. The aim of the foundation is to create a platform for cooperation of migrants residing in Poland. Doors of our foundation are always open for cooperation with a pursuit for multicultural diversity. We actively work in the field of education, promote personal development, raise awareness of person’s own identity and promote the culture of volunteering for the good of migrants.

The main objective of Ternopilska Foundation is the successful integration of migrants into the Polish society, while respecting their rights and culture, promoting standards and principles of functioning of a democratic society, and transfer of this knowledge to the Ukrainian realities. We will make every effort to build a positive image of Ukraine and its citizens within the international community.

The Board and The Council of the foundation consists of  Marija Jakubowycz’s friends – people of high personal culture, vast knowledge and professionalism.

Ternopilska Foundation belongs to the Coalition of Europe undivided by visa barriers.