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What we do


Our mission is to conduct activities for the successful integration of migrants in Poland and to promote intercultural values.

The Foundation supports migrants in their search of decent working conditions and proper living environment, education and activities fostering career development. Our Foundation helps them in gaining independence and in developing of acceptance of responsibility for a one’s own future.


The aim of Foundation is to work for migrants, with an emphasis on migrants coming from Ukraine, living in Poland or intending to come to this country, among others:

– lawful assistance on the labor market

– promoting education among young people and adults

– dissemination of knowledge of Polish law and human rights

– organizing cultural and educational events

– organizing conferences and trainings

– promotion of Ukrainian culture

From Marija Jakubowycz

On November 19, 2009 I submitted the declaration of intent on establishment of the Foundation for Ukrainian Migrants in Poland – it was a big positive event in my life and most importantly, well-elaborated over the years decision. On 4 December I submitted a proposal to the National Court for registration of the Foundation in order to gain legal status. An important fact is that this is one of the first organizations formed by Ukrainian immigrants in Poland and acting on their behalf. Intensive Ukrainian migration to Poland began from early 90s and lasts till nowadays. However, the low social status, financial and the housing instability, complex rules under the assumption of non-governmental organizations in Poland for many years prevented the creation of the organization with full legal personality, which would belong to the organization of Ukrainian migrants and would operate for the benefit of their rights. Another organization with a similar specificity is now operating in Gdansk and was organization by my friend Nina Padun under the name “Crossroads – Gulf of Gdansk”, we will support each other in our activities.