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We can help

The activities of the Foundation are directed to migrants helping them in the following realms:

In terms of education

– persons with the intent to start / continue their studies in Poland

– assistance of recognition of diplomas / degrees

– assistance in finding student grants

– assistance in student exchanges

– organizing clubs and multimedia libraries

– organizing training for migrants and employers

In terms of employment

– those who work with the legalization of the stay

– jobseekers / placement / internships

– employers in the employment of foreigners

– assistance with business start-ups

– in difficult situations

– career development

In terms of promoting culture

– representatives of Ukrainian art and literature in Poland

– representatives of Polish art and literature in Ukraine

– assistance in the exchange of creative groups

– organizing educational and cultural events

How we can help?

– Translations *

We offer free assistance to all migrants in translation (verbal and written) in offices, hospitals, schools and other institutions. Our staff and volunteers know fluently: Ukrainian, Russian, Polish and English languages.

* Request not to be confused with sworn translation in translating documents.

– Legal Aid

Conduct consultations on the legalization of residence, employment law, repatriation, family reunification and other difficult situations. We assist in writing and translating applications, appeals, complaints and other documents.

– Notifications

Our staff is constantly monitoring the changes that have a significant impact on improving conditions for learning, working and living in Poland. We also collect information about the colleges, health insurance, banking services, products and opportunities for employers to share them to improve the living conditions of migrants, tourists, representatives of art. The generated database aims to facilitate those interested in access to information.

– Integrational meetings

At the meeting, we invite all interested and concerned, no matter what nationality you are and what language you speak. And if you like to sing, we invite you to participate in the choir.

Detailed information about our activities can be found in the Activities category.