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You can help us

By Volunteering

Volunteering today is multidimensional. Volunteering has various forms, it can take between 5-10 minutes of your time and help someone or even save your life. Each of us had in our lives counted on someone’s assistance and can count to this day – it’s important to share your knowledge, to devote your time so in the future you can also get someone’s else helping hand.

As a volunteer you can:

– pick up the phone and provide someone with information

– write an email, letter or translate an article

– meet and support someone in need, or refer someone to the right person

– call not in your case and help

– to share their knowledge with others while having a cup of coffee

We welcome to our foundation people with different cultural backgrounds, experienced people but also those without any experience, students and entrepreneurs, representatives of business and people who just love Ukraine.

At this moment we need people with knowledge:

– Of foreign languages (at least 2 of the following: Ukrainian, Polish, English, Russian, German, French)

– Polish law concerning foreigners (work, studies, business)

– Culture of Poland or Ukraine


– being in a multicultural group

– knowledge of the NGO sector

– participatation in interesting projects

– new friends and useful contacts

– possibility to conduct an internship or even work for the foundation in the future

If you are interested in volunteering, please email us v.levandovska (at) ternopilska.com – in the title type volunteering.

As our Partner

Doors are open to the foundation of any collaboration for the migrants and the NGO sector. We invite you to create new programs, implementing the common goals, starting a new dimension of international cooperation. We would gladly cooperate with galleries in various Polish cities, publishers and other institutions of educational and cultural activities.

As our Sponsor

We will highly appreciate any help the foundation. Our organization is young and needs support in different areas. At this moment we need:

– accommodation in Warsaw

– printing of posters and leaflets for the Foundation

– sponsorship payments

Konto dla przelewów w PLN:
59 1750 0012 0000 0000 3094 2914