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Currently, the Foundation has focused on these areas:


– Creation of comprehensive reference books on law, science and business environment for foreigners.

– Improving the language skills of NGO workers.

– Creation of offers of free training for employers of foreign nationals.

– Creation of offers of free courses for migrants: language, employment law and skills development.

European Reader’s Club

This project aims to prepare and conduct educational activities for migrants using the method of European Reader’s Club at the places of larger migrant communities. The educational activity is designed to familiarize immigrants with the cultural wealth of the country they reside and from which they originate. In this way, they get to know their own cultural characteristics and become more aware of their own national identity, dignity and cultural values.

Career councelling

– Creation of trainings in active job search for migrants on the Polish labor market.

– Establishment of training standards of ethics and culture in Poland.

– Help with job search, writing CVs, interviews simulations.

Legal Consultation

In order to ensure a comfortable situation of legality of stay of migrants, we provide free consultations in the field of verification of residence, employment law, civil and criminal law, international law.

Your Tutor

The newly arrived immigrant who does not know enough of the Polish language, every day  faces a lot of unnecessary  obstacles. The knowledge of the rules of the various institutions in Poland is very important – as well as rights of migrants. So for stay, no matter for what purpose the migrant came, to be pleasantly remembered – we offer the assistance of a tutor who will guide, explain and teach various aspects of legal norms that are very important in everyday life for a foreigner in Polish society.


One of the main milestones of the foundation is to promote and support social activities on the voluntary basis among migrants. We invite everyone (no matter what your nationality and whether you know the particular languages spoken in the Foundation). We welcome both -students and workers, entrepreneurs, unemployed, and also people who enjoy Ukrainian and Polish cultures in particular. Learn more.