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IV Partners Meeting (Ludza, Latvia)

In the heart of Latvian culture


Ludza is a town in the Latgalia region of eastern Latvia. It is located on the main Riga – Moscow road, part of European route E22, and only 30 km from the Latvian-Russian border. The population as of 2004 was 10,247. Ludza, one of the oldest towns in Latvia, was first mentioned in Russian chronicles dating to 1173 or 1177. In 1399 the Livonian Order built a stone fortress atop an older Latgalian fortress and used Ludza as an eastern outpost in Livonia. Ludza Castle ruins can be visited nowadays. Ludza received town rights in 1777 from Catherine II of Russia. Until July 1, 2009 Ludza was the administrative centre of Ludza District. On July 1, 2009 due to the introduction of the new administrative division in Latvia it became the centre of Ludza municipality.

The 4 the meeting of our project was mostly dedicated to the analysis and understanding of culture and tradition of partner countries. Ludza coudln’t be a better place to hold the discussions on the cultural diversity and benefits for partners being the result of carrying out this project. All the partners were able to understand in depth the history of Latgalia region of Latvia, but also to get to know the nation of Lativa with its traditions, language and customs.

During Ludza workshops the parters discussed the following aspects of European Reader’s Club project

  • Project website www.readerclubs.org has been thoroughly analyzed and partners decided to send the missing information to the project coordinator as soon as possible.

Website in an important tool to bring our initative to wider circle of people, so we are keen on having it updated on a regular basis, making sure all the information is available and easy for access.

  • Every partner showed website of his organization in order to explain how materials about the project are displayed and disseminated.

This step is very important for our project as there are many people who want to understand better the project, but don’t speak English fluently, so every partner makes sure that all the data about the project is being made avaliable in official languages of partner countries

  • Partners emphasized that some of the organizations need to fulfill their partner tasks – Lithuania and Turkey need to prepare comments for Little Prince; Latvia, Lithuania, Turkey, Poland and UK – migration stories, everyone needs to prepare a summary about Little Prince.

Summer is a holiday season, so some of the partners were not able due to obvious reason to show their best performance during that periond, however everyone promised to keep up with their obligations during second year of the project.

  • Partners discussed English language courses – the question was raised whether English courses are relevant as most of the organizations explained that migrants need courses in the language of country where they reside.

This question will be later discussed among partners in correspondace to see if it’s possible to carry out different type of language courses.

  • Interim reports were successfully submitted by every organization.

We are proud to announce that first year of the project can be considered a big sucess for all of the partners.

  • During the meeting every partner presented information about the culture of his country. Various materials based on the presentations will be uploaded on the project website.

We want to make sure that everyone who is interested has the chance to learn knew and unknown facts about culture of various European countries.

  • Partners decided that the next book that will be read is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, followed by Jonathan Swift’s “Gulliver’s travels”. The participants of the Club will have to answer the same 10 questions about the books they will read.

At this point of the project The Alchemist draw bigger attention of project participants and they were more keen to start reading this book.

  • Partners from UK didn’t participate in the meeting due to organizational constraints and earlier planned obligations deriving from another initiative they are taking part in. All the information about the meeting will be made available to them by project coordinator.

Unfortunately sometimes due to unforseen circumstance some organizations miss the project meetings and we are sorry UK parntners couldn’t join the interesting discussions, however we hope that avaliable materials will give them a sufficient understanding of the decision being taken in Ludza.

  • Next meeting will take place in Italy – Reggio di Calabria, 18-22 of March 2013. Partners from Italy will make sure to inform everyone about organizational part of the journey to Italy (including ticket and accommodation prices).

Italian partner will make sure that all organizations receive information about the next meeting in advance, so we all can have fruitful discussions and will be able to understand better all aspects of Italian culture.