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Preparatory visit







The Unknown Beauty

The purpose of this preparatory visit was to establish a long-term cooperation with a partner from Turkey and to work jointly on the preparation of a project application for Grundtvig Partnership Project. The meeting lasted several days during which we were able to travel around the province of Hatay – beautiful cities of Adana, Iskenderun and Antakya. Thanks to the partners from Turkey we had a chance to comprehend better  the educational system of Turkey,  talk to the mayor representative about the prospects of cooperation between the Foundation Ternopilska and the local council or communicate with people who are involved in Gruntdvig projects on a daily basis.  Wonderful nature that surrounded us at every step, and the immense kindness of the Turkish people made the whole trip a unique experience. Most importantly, we could also work intensively over the quality of the project application  – among others with the help of Murat Ket and school principle Ali Koc the process of applying for funding from LLP budget had been successful.

Preparatory visit

Preparatory visits provide an opportunity for education and training institutions to cooperate with their European couterparts in view of submitting future applications under the Grundtvig sectoral programme:
  • Grundtvig Learning Partnerships; and
  • Grundtvig Senior Volunteering Projects.
There are essentially 2 different types of grants by which one may:
(a) Visit an eligible partner institution in another country to confirm a partnership and develop a work plan – a Preparatory Visit.

(b) Meet suitable partner institutions – by participating in a ‘contact–making seminar organised by a National Agency’ – a Contact Seminar.

(1) A Preparatory Visit aims to bring partner institutions together to discuss and develop an outline of the planned project and to start drafting the application form. As they are designed to pave the way for a project submission they must take place before the project application is actually submitted. The maximum duration of a preparatory visit is 5 nights, regardless of whether one or two institutions are visited. The visit must take place in the country of one of the potential partners.
(2)  Contact Seminars are organised by different European National Agencies throughout the year. These contact seminars bring together interested institutions from various countries participating in the Grundtvig sectoral programme. Through workshops, one is given the opportunity to discuss the chosen topic, to get to know one’s colleagues in Europe and to develop new project ideas. Each Contact Seminar will focus on a specific theme relevant to adult education. For information of current Contact Seminars, please refer to the Latest News Section of our website.


Funding provided

The grant provides a contribution to the costs needed for your activity to take place – travel costs and subsistence costs and contact-making seminar fees. The maximum duration of a Preparatory Visit is 5 nights (normally including travel time). A full list of the subsistence rates can be found at the back of the application form. In order to ensure a wider visibility of the programmes avross different institutions, in principle, the Maltese National Agency will only fund one Preparatory Visit or one Contact Seminar per organisation, per sub-programme, per year.
  • Travel costs: These are based on real costs incurred and the grant will normally cover 100% of all travel costs with the most economical form of transport being used.
  • Subsistence costs: Subsistence costs cover accommodation and living expenses, including expenditure for local/regional travel during the mobility period abroad. Subsistence rates will be calculated and paid on the basis of the rates listed at the back of the application form, up to a maximum of 5 nights. The subsistence levels may be increased in the case of disadvantaged participants (e.g. persons who are disabled or have special needs when travelling and may need a carer to accompany them on the visit). The need for an increased amount will be assessed based on the information provided in your application form so you must mention any relevant information at the application stage.
  • Travel insurance is covered by subsistence. However, if you have an ‘all in’ package for a Contact Seminar then you can claim this as an additional cost and you should clearly request this in the budget section of the application form.
  • Contact Seminar fee (including subsistence costs): Most Contact Seminars have an ‘all in’ package fee for participation and subsistence, and if this is the case, there is no need to calculate additional subsistence costs. Please note that only in exceptional circumstances can the NA fund any extra subsistence costs on top of the Contact Seminar fee (i.e. if there is no opportunity to travel on the day before or after the seminar).
N.B. Applications are to be submitted to the National Agency by at least 8 weeks before the dates of the actual preparatory visit.