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Reader’s Club in Zyrardow

Reader’s Club for migrants – a close and open-minded encounter in the circle of people interested in a friendly discussion and exchange of views, and most importantly willing to share information about things important to every member of the Club. The integration of migrants, promotion of intercultural values, support for migrants in pursuit of decent working conditions and housing, legal consultations, assistance in obtaining autonomy: in dealing with public institutions, finding work, writing and preparation of documents, dealing with matters relating to the legalization of stay, and above all – friendly atmosphere, these are the main objectives of the initiative undertaken in cooperation with local authorities in Żyrardów.

Each meeting is seen to be attended by around 30 persons, including representatives of the Ukrainian migrant community in Poland, representatives of local government, NGOs, commercial companies, government agencies, the media or even political parties. The Reader’s Club for migrants will create envrironmet where everyone will feel free to share information and experiences, ask questions, which will be answered in a professional manner – all this  in a friendly and open atmosphere.

Our club also provides the possibility to extend contacts between people, creating active citizen’s position, developing the civil society, creating financially-consumerist culture of the participants. All this contributes to the effective integration of migrants in Polish society.

We wish to inform you meetinga of the Club in Zyrardow are very popular among local authorities, migrants, business and culture. The first meeting was organizational – we met the local authorities, volunteers of the Foundation, migrants living in the vicinity of Żyrardów but also those from around the Mazovia region. Thanks to television and newspaper reporters in Zyrardow there have been numerous reports about our initiative. Certainly, this information will serve as an example of good cooperation in Zyrardow, towns and villages of the district. From the first meeting could sense the very positive atmosphere and desire to establish an open and friendly dialogue. We were very pleased to see at one table Vice-President of Żyrardów, district governor, journalists, NGO representatives as well as our beneficiaries – migrants. Such a dialogue provides an opportunity for better integration and what is important understanding of isses facing people coming from abroad. During our meeting we discussed legal and formal matters important for migrants (residence permit, bank account, buying real estate, system of education), spent time reading together classical literature but also publications useful for people in their everyda lives. We hope that our initiave will have a positive impact on the development of civil society in the district of Zyrardow.

Contact person (responsible for the organization of the meetings):

Marija Jakubowycz

+48 505 175 856

m.jakubowycz (at) ternopilska.com

How to find us:

To Żyrardow

from Warsaw you can travel either by „Koleje Mazowieckie» from stations:

  • Warszawa Wschodnia, Stadion, Powiśle, Śródmieście, Warszawa Ochota, Warszawa Zachodnia, Włochy, Ursus

Estimatated price of the ticket (depending on the station) – approx. 8 PLN


you can also choose „TLK Intercity» (slightly faster way to travel) from stations:

  • Warszawa Wschodnia, Warszawa Centralna, Warszawa Zachodniej

Estimatated price of the ticket (depending on the station) – approx. 10 PLN

After you arrive in Zyrardow

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