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Department of Ukrainian Book in Warsaw

On December the 30th 2011 in the premises of the Public Library of Zygmunt Jan Ruml in the Southern Prague district of Warsaw an agreement  on cooperation was signed between the Library and Foundation Ternopilska. From the Foundation’s side its founder Marija Jakubowycz was present while the library was represented by director Miroslaw Majewska.

Under the signed agreement, the parties committed themselves to achieving a common ground for cooperation on education and culture, as well as to conduct the information policy on the activities f the Library and Foundation.

Foundation Ternopilska had transferred to the libraby a collection of 500 books in the Ukrainian language in order to develop the multicultural library. Books provided by Marija Jakubowycz constitute the basis of the collection in the Ukrainian language, which we intend to gather in the premises of the library, in addition to their existing collections in 7 languages that the library already possesses.

Therefore, we turn to you with a  request to give books and multimedia in the Ukrainian and other languages. Our request is strong due to the fact that in Poland the purchase of books in the Ukrainian language is not really an easy task.  Bringing a bigger amount of books from Ukraine is a hard task due to restrictive customs regulations.

So we would be very thankful for your your support!

Interested persons and donors please contact the Foundation!