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Coalition for Europe undivided by visa barriers

Ternopilska Foundation is a member of Coalition for Europe undivided by visa barriers

Coalition Statement [PL]

The Coalition’s report [EN]

Over 20 NGOs, on 26th November 2010 set up the Coalition for Europe undivided by visa barriers.

At a meeting in Warsaw, 26 November 2010, more than twenty NGOs from the countries of the European Union and the countries of the Eastern Partnership, and Russia formed the Coalition for visa-free travel in Europe. Coalition will be a joint action to accelerate slowly progressive liberalization of the visa policies with the EU Eastern Partnership countries (Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia). So far, despite the many friendly declarations by the EU, the issue of visa requirements for the neighbors blocked the normal interpersonal contacts, is not conducive to the spread of democracy, hinders tourism, and in neighboring countries, perpetuates the image of the European Union as an inaccessible fortress, which has locked themselves out from the rest of Europe a new iron Curtain.

The coalition called on to Hungary and Poland taking the next year presidency of the EU Council as a priority to treat the EU visa liberalization with the countries of the Eastern Partnership.

Analytical Center on Globalization and Regional Cooperation, Armenia
Association for International Affairs (AMO), the Czech Republic
Belarus Watch, Lithuania
Center for Social Innovations, Belarus
Eastern Europe Studies Centre, Lithuania
Europe without Barriers, Ukraine
ECAS, Brussels
Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies
Hungarian Europe Society, Hungary
Institute of Public Affairs, Poland
Institute for Public Policy, Moldova
Institute for Euro-Atlantic Cooperation, Ukraine
Open Society Institute Sofia, Bulgaria
Östgruppen – Swedish Initiative for Democracy and Human Rights, Sweden
Office for Democratic Belarus, Belarus/Brussels
Open Society Institute, Brussels
Public Movement “Multinational Georgia” (PMMG)
Soros Foundation – Latvia
Slovak Foreign Policy Association, Slovakia
Stefan Batory Foundation – Poland

RESEARCH COUNCIL – will consist of those organizations that from formal reasons could not participate in the Coalition but would be ready to be part of the Coalition Research Council.

More information can be obtained from Anita Szymborska, Batory Foundation, +48 (22) 536 02 79, e-mail: aszymborska@batory.org.pl