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IOM Assisted Voluntary Returns

Ternopilska Foundation supports IOM Warsaw in its Programme of Assisted Voluntary Returns

Bureau of International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Warsaw, conducts a program of aid for the voluntary return of migrants. It is addressed to foreigners who have acquired refugee status in Poland or any other form of protection, resigned from applying for refugee status, as well as to other foreigners who can not stay any more in Poland. In case of Ukraianian migrants IOM mostly deals with migrants having illegal residence – the most common is stay on the visa that had expired.

The programme is based on the agreement with the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration and is co-funded by the European Return Fund.

The assistance provided by IOM include:
– advice on the return, including detailed information on the country of return;
– assistance in obtaining a travel document, if necessary;
– medical research, where necessary;
– organization of the return journey to your destination in the country of return;
– reintegration assistance.

The appropriate travel arrangements can also include special treatment – in case of pregnant women, single parents with young children, the sick or disabled. Particular attention is paid to the needs of unaccompanied children and persons who are victims of trafficking.

A very important element of aid is offered via Reintegration. Persons returning to their home countries receive on the return pocket money for basic needs in the first days after their return. Additional assistance may also be granted on the basis of an alien’s assistance plan (business plan ). This aid a  foreigner may allocate for start up or to continue running a business, education, rebuilding the house, or subsidized employment.

Additional Individual Reintegration assistance is offered to returning unaccompanied children, victims of trafficking and persons requiring medical assistance in the country of origin.

Persons interested in obtaining detailed information on the voluntary returns should contact:

Andriy Korniychuk (+48 788 162 528) in Ukrainian/Russian/Polish/English languages on the behalf of Ternopilska Foundation

or call directly to the IOM Warsaw Office +48 (22) 538 91 63, (22) 538 91 69


In recent months, several meetings were held with the representative of the IOM (Warsaw office)  with a community of Ukrainian immigrants in Poland. Meetings usually take place in two venues – Greek-Catholic church at Miodowa Street (after the second Liturgy on Sunday around 12:45) or at the IOM office at Mariensztat street 8 (during the week after 18:00).

Many questions were raised during our meetings – migrants willingly participate in such meetings, since many of them reside illegally in Poland, and thus are in constant search of an effective way out of this unconvenient situation.  Assisted Voluntary Returns Progamme does not constitute a basis for departure from Poland without any sanctions, but it offers many advantages and very practical suggestions for people, who must return to their home country.

Many migrants show their interest in our meetings

IOM employee Pawel Barabasz explains the benefits of traveling back home using IOM assistance

Pawel Barabsz emphasizes the fact that one has 7 days to prepare for his journey after the Border Guards issue a decision

Our meetings constitute also an opportunity to exchange one’s own experience. What is more important they provide an opportunity to ask all the questions in which migrants are interested to people with extensive experience in helping migrants. We value an open and friendly atmosphere at the time of our dialogue and we are trying to help not only in questions concerning the Voluntary Returns Programme.

Pawel Barabasz analyzes new law proposal regarding foreigners and consequences of abolition for illegal migrants

Our meetings are held both in a wider group of interested individuals or in small groups to 10 people aimed at more effectively exchange of information. If necessary, there is always an opportunity to clarify or to answer in the Ukrainian language, as the meetings are regularly attended by representatives of the Foundation Marija Jakubowycz and Andriy Korniychuk.

We want to say big thank you for participation of  the IOM representative Paweł Barabasz, who every time answers many questions and is very much involved in helping migrants. We would also like to thank Father Petro Kuszka who willingly helps us in organizing meetings with the community of migrants.

Remeber to keep track of  news on our website and social media accounts for information on new meetings!!!