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Support from Zyrardow municipality

The activities of our Foundation are supported by the local authorities of Żyrardów. We are pleased to announce that this led to collaboration with the Mayor of the City Andrew Wolf.  At the first meeting we had on January 25 issues relevant to Foundation activities such as room for the organization,  accommodation and support in dealing with relevant issues were elaborated.

On February 17  cooperation agreement with the Deputy Mayor of  Zyrardow Gregorz Obłękowski was signed. Based on the agreement a department of Ukrainian literature will be created and additionaly the meetings of Reader’s Club will take place in the library premises once a months.  The club foresess to have close meetings with interested individuals to exchange information on matters important to each participant. The meeting will be attende by approximately 30 persons, a group of Ukrainian immigrants, representatives of local government, non-governmental organizations, companies and other institutions.

We cordially invite you to attend the meetings of our Reader’s Club in Zyrardow!