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Non-governmental organizations in support of migrants:

Other institutions:

  • Office for Foreigners – page contains updated legal information about migrants.
  • Institute of Public Affairs – conducts research, develops reports and recommendations on key issues of public life.
  • Centre for research on migration – an entity established by the Warsaw University to study migration.
  • Centre for Eastern Studies – an institution dedicated to the expert analysis of the political, economic and social developments in neighboring countries with the Polish, in Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Balkans, Caucasus, Central Asia and Germany.
  • Open dialogue – news, observations and news from the eastern border.

Interesting Portals:

  • Cudzoziemcy.pl – portal for foreigners including key information on migration issues, important phones, legal advice.
  • MigrantInfo.org.ua – Consultation center for migrants in Ukraine.
  • MultiKulti.org.pl – a portal devoted to issues of tolerance and multiculturalism in Poland, contains interesting articles on Polish reality as seen through the eyes of those who want to live in a country open to diversity and interesting among the people of the world.
  • Kultilink.pl – job portal for immigrants also contains basic information on employment law.
  • Warsaw Multicultural Center – a center dedicated to Pilot’s multicultural residents of Warsaw, also presents legal issues, cultural and interesting places on the map.
  • Info Migrator – a guide for foreigners on the right, stay and residence around the city.
  • Svoi.pl – Russian-language portal for foreigners.
  • Harazd – Ukrainian cultural portal in Poland.

To read and not only:

  • Еkspress – Lviv weekly socio-political, especially popular in Western Ukraine.
  • Ukrainian Truth – influential political website founded by journalist Georgiy Gongadze in 2000.
  • Mirror of the Week – renowned Ukrainian weekly socio-political newspaper.
  • Radio Free Europe – radio in the Ukrainian language and information portal.
  • UNIAN – Ukrainian news agency.
  • 5th Channel – the first news channel in Ukraine.
  • Gazeta Wyborcza – Polish daily socio-political newspaper.
  • New Eastern Europe – the socio-political bimonthly magazine devoted to Eastern Europe, published in Poland.